About Laughter For All Ass.-Ethiopia

Laughter for All Association- Ethiopia (LFAE) is non-profit organization (NGO) Licensed under proclamation No 1954 issued on March 26, 2010 and Registered Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Justice charities and Society’s agency.

The Mission: is to contribute and pave a way on psychosocial rehabilitation for wise consumption of social, physical, mental and spiritual benefits of indigenous laughter and holistic care and support for children and aged people.

Vision: To see happy, healthy, positive thinking & productive society in Ethiopia.

The initiator Belachew Girma is Titled World Laughter Master Winner of Challenger 2002, 2003, award in Munich Germany on 2008 set World record by laughing 3hr and 06 minutes without break and the 1st laughter therapist in Ethiopia.

*      Laughing together building up social harmony and self confidence and natural painkillers without side effect for longer age develop power of memory and productivity by team bounding.

*      Laughter avoids negative emotion and make positive thinker. So positive thinkers of today are dynamic leaders of tomorrow’s world.

*      Laughter’s being the best tool for diplomacy passkey and approach conflict resolving in one thing to remove and inner wars cause of external war in leadership thus to promote health. Peace and productivity globally.   

We give training on

  •        Indigenous Laughter
  •       Team Bonding
  •          Stress managing
  •      Positive thinking and happiness
  •     Any joyful ceremony stage motivation

Great community acknowledgment For the W L M
`Success is never Ending Failure is never final`
There is a way out of every problem! There is solution for every problem! Even understanding the problem is the 1st solution in order to confront it. 360 degree of the world is created to you with different doors which will be opened after knocking. 1st knock the door of your brain to inter to optimism room.  Unlock your mind to bear with experiment and get back to your natural being out of big difficulties so that you can find small path through which you can step into a new life!!!
Catch it gently!
NOT short walk to long laughing!!

Ethiopia; the land of indigenous laughter
Emama Ethiopia; Known as the cradle of mankind, indeed; is also birthplace of human laughter too!!! It is known to be the pioneer of ancient civilization with its own calendar and alphabets.  More than 80 ethnic groups lived with diversity and harmony. IT is also the only uncolonialized country in Africa after its heroes defeated the Italians in battle of Adwa. It is blessed with Beautiful natural treasures all over 13 months of sunshine. For its diverse topography it embraced varieties of natural species and coffee is one among others! After many historical ups and downs in mother land, the 12 year old journey to indigenous laughter stared in this land of pioneer blessings!  
 “A man is no more poor, if he can still laugh”. Raymond Hitock
Indigenous laughter is the easiest way to discover your lost laughter!!

The word indigenous  originated from Latin word indigenus, from indigena, indigene, from indi- in + gignere and it may have the same meaning with innate; inherent; natural (usually followed by `to`).
Constant stress causes continual release of stress hormones which causes;

  • A depletion of energy storage
  • High blood pressure
  • Stress –induced hypertension
  • Effects on metabolic processes
  • Ulcers ( effects on digestion)
  • Hampered growth
  • Decrease in testosterone levels in male and irregular menstrual cycles in females.
  • Increased likelihood of infectious diseases.

Laughter is almighty medicine to curve stress into excitement and depression in to joy. When you find your natural laughter, you can easily revive your Love, Health, and Peace and eventually boost your Happiness!!
Needless to say, Globalization is bringing our world in to a small village and even to our palm.  Unfortunately, depression and stress also conquering the post civilized world. Individualism becomes the symptom of unhappy world. Scientific researchers are updating our day to day evolution of inventive health care tools but couldn’t show modern consumer society the way of real happiness. The mainstream media is instantly supplying the so called ‘comedy’ which may end up with a single smile. Undoubtedly indigenous human laughter is going shrinking.
Finding your lost indigenous laughter is our profession! Turning stress to joy and happiness is our passion!  You can meet the world’s famous indigenous laughter guru and get back your real happiness through personal and group exercise which rewards you infectious natural laughter.
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To scientists laughter is no Joke.
To WLM “Laughter is a serious scientific subject!”
Laughter – is so natural!
Laughter is so cultural!
Laughter is spiritual!
Laughter is universal!
Laughter is scientific!!
When we try to figure out the nature of biological and social element of human beings, laughter is primal way of communicating in the ancient societies. Laughter is social glue, diplomacy pass key and universal language! The laughing eyes and shiny face are more than anything! A very wise idiom of Ethiopians “Kefitfitu Fitu” literally translated as `a smiling face is more than serving a delicious food`.
When we trace back to our history, all kings have their own Klawana or kalian or "yenguse Achawach` who is devoted to make the kings smile with different techniques. Laughter is the best friend of Ethiopians even at the worst of times.

The end of everything is the beginning of something!


News from Impossibility      Challenger 2015.      


The World Laughter Master Belachew Girma arrived at Gemany to improve hisnon-stop laughter record time and to set new records.